Join the HLAA-Madison leadership team

Join the HLAA-Madison leadership team!

Since the Madison chapter was formed, we – including you, our members and attendees – have made an impact in the lives of many people who want to live better with hearing loss. We would like to expand our reach and have created new board positions to help accomplish our goals.

HLAA-Madison will hold elections for leadership positions on the Board in September and 2-year terms will begin in October. Put your unique skills to work or learn as you go. Time commitments vary but no one carries a heavy load, and board members are free to create a committee to work with them.

The Board will meet four times a year on dates predetermined at the annual June Board Meeting. Being on the Board includes the commitment to attend, whether in person or via telecommunication, at least three of these meetings per year.

If interested, send your contact information and a brief summary why you would like to have the board position for which you’re applying to Lisa Zovar at or call 608.838.6617.

We encourage you to apply for the position of:


Provide vision, inspiration and motivation to the chapter board so they work together toward the same goal; represent HLAA to the members of the chapter and to the public; conduct the business meetings; send thank you notes to presenters; and respond to requests and suggestions about the chapter.

Vice-President/Program Chair:

Play a leadership role in the board and in the president’s absence. Serve as program chair and gather program suggestions from members, attendees, and board members. Lead the board’s discussion of these suggestions and implement the final choices. Submit the speaker/event information to the secretary and the publicity team at least one month before the meeting date.


Record the proceedings of both chapter and board meetings clearly and share these with the membership; handle routine correspondence and database maintenance for the chapter.


Maintain accurate and complete financial records. Assume budget responsibility; receive donations and other funds; approve expenditures; make periodic financial reports to the board and members; and file annual 501(c)3 tax forms. Procure CART services.

Discussion Chair:

Organize the dates and venue(s) and attend the every-other-month informal group discussion events. (The months in between will be regular informative chapter meetings.) Feedback and experience tell us that asking questions and getting and giving advice about communication, technology, etc. is a very important function of our group. We would like to get the discussion meetings going as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to respond.

Media/Publicity Chair:

Handle all publicity for the chapter. Use media to grow awareness of hearing loss and our chapter. This could include but is not limited to submitting meeting dates, etc., to online community calendars, local newspapers, web sites, and e-mailings. We can help so many more people if they know we are here.

Advocacy Chair:

Suggest, lead and coordinate various advocacy efforts of chapter members. Share information gained about national, state, and local legislation concerning hearing loss and hard of hearing people and their needs.

Membership Chair:

Present membership benefits at the beginning of chapter meetings; answer questions from potential and new members. Track first time and returning meeting attendees to know whether our membership is growing. Provide new guests with “information sheets” so they can be introduced, if they’d like.

Greeter/Resource Material Chair:

Provide nametags and attendance sheets and an information table with literature and other publicity about hearing loss at every Chapter meeting. Arrive early to meetings, help set up the meeting room and greet all those attending.


Attend events and take pictures, then forward these to the webmaster and Facebook administrator. We really are a photogenic group!

Facebook Administrator:

Post news, articles and pictures on our Facebook page. Let’s have some fun with it and grow our Facebook presence.

Information Manager:

Find pertinent information — one article, development or news item — a week that can be shared on our website.

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